How to Configure Proxy Active Service in Zabbix


STEP 1: Select the Proxy and click on Applications

STEP 2: Click on Zabbix proxy Item (22).


STEP 3: After that select CreateItem.


STEP 4: Need edit below parameters,



Name - Proxy proxy-windows Last seen status

Key - zabbix[proxy,proxy-windows,lastaccess]

Units- unixtime

Update interval (in sec)- 300

Applications Zabbix proxy

STEP 5: Add the item




After that select Triggers and create a new trigger.



Need to edit below parameters,



Name: Zabbix Proxy proxy-windows Not seen from from last 5 mins

Expression: {proxy-windows:zabbix[proxy,proxy-windows,lastaccess].fuzzytime(300)}=0

Severity: Disaster


Add the trigger.